Real Estate in a Pandemic

These are unprecedented times and as such are surrounded by uncertainty in most areas of life. The biggest area of uncertainty, however, is real estate. The good news is there are still individuals who are looking to buy or sell real estate but are uncertain whether it is a good time. My answer in an unequivocal YES.

For sellers, the market is much more competitive for buyers as more and more sellers take a ‘wait and see’ attitude. This means that those sellers who jump into the market will have the abundance of buyers all clamoring for their offering.

A few suggestions that you and your real estate agent can do to will help to ease your mind when selling during this pandemic…

  1. Create virtual tours of your home and include lots of pictures
  2. Use technology to show the home to potential buyers
  3. Sign all documents online
  4. Hold virtual open houses
  5. Require medical screening questionnaires of potential buyers and at the very least have them sign a special CoronaVirus disclosure (this is required when showing property in California)
  6. “At the door” temperature checks
  7. Use of an ozone machine to disinfect a home

Not only do these items support the seller during this crises, it also supports the buyer who is ensured of a contactless transaction as well.

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